Understand Cyberwar Before You Regret

In this article, I am going to tell you about various Cyberattacks. And Cyberwar which is becoming a real threat to all of us. In this digital era, it is become very hard to keep data securely. So here let you know about recent attacks and about Cyberwar.

CyberWar and Cyberattacks

Nowadays every work we do is online or digital everything is connected to the internet. Normally soldiers fight on the border in war is a different concept. But Cyberwar is a different concept. Cyberwar is a concept to disrupt the activities of a state or organization with the use computer technology. If a country manages to access and controls all computer of another country, in this case, there is no need for any war and the country automatically destroy.

Motive: – There are different motives behind such attacks it can be monitoring self-country citizens as well as other country citizens, sometimes to spread propaganda, For example, ISIS they recruit people from different nations to spread and manage their attacks and many more motives.

Way: – Today many attacks can be performed like DDoS where somebody jammed a complete industry or a ransomware where somebody locked complete data of anyone,  and more. In future, these types of war will become common.


For instance, wannacry ransomware which is affects many hospitals in UK and also spread across many countries. Petya is another ransomware is currently affecting many countries, especially in Europe. Petya is actually a wiper which means it deletes data from the computer. We don’t know the source of such attacks. These attacks have different motives, different source, a different way through which they can steal and leaked data. Nowadays we are getting so much news about different malware’s and ransomware’s attacks. Like wannacry and Petya in windows and Xavier and Judy in Android Play Store.

In future, it becomes really important and difficult to store data securely. And how we can contribute to protecting our nation from any Cyberattack. Well, it is not that difficult and yes we can also help our nation in war. By just a few things like having strong passwords, keep data locked, having a backup of all data, keep away from online scam such as you win a lottery, you win some prize don’t believe them, maintain your internet security just keep in mind things you are doing on the internet. These are such basic steps if we follow through which you can protect your information and contribute to nation’s security.

In future Cyberwar will become common thing any country’s leader anonymously attack any enemy country without revealing anything by just a few clicks. Just think how harmful it can be. If you as individual affected by this it is not so big to thing but if millions of computer system affected and data gets leaked or all systems get locked becomes a real conspiracy.

So, hope you understand what a Cyberattack is? And how a Cyberwar can affect a whole country.


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